security guard company toronto

security guard company toronto

Precision Institute of Protective Measures (PIPM) is a comprehensive security, protection and investigative services company protecting global clientele.
We have the depth of experience, skill, qualifications and staffing to meet your complex and important needs.
Contact us immediately at 1-416-342-7473 for an assessment of your security situation.
We also provide training, personal assistant and concierge services, and all manner of comprehensive personal and security related services. Please contact us for details.
Louis S. Temelkos is the President and Founder of PIPM (Precision Institute of Protective Measures). He is a highly skilled and qualified security professional with over 29 years experience in the security industry. During his distinguished career, Mr. Temelkos gained extensive specialized experience in close protection and surveillance while working with one of Canada’s largest private security firms, under the instruction of a former British S.A.S. training Sergeant.
He has further enhanced his abilities through specialized security related education and extensive Martial Arts training. Mr. Temelkos specializes in security consulting, executive close protection, surveillance and training.

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