Gabapentin For Dogs and Cats : Dosage Side Effects


It is believed to increase the levels of GABA in the brain, which can help to reduce abnormal electrical activity that can cause seizures, as well as calm overactive nerves that can cause pain.

Remember If you face any problems while taking Gabapentin or see any side effects, so Consult with your doctor and ask about it.
Vomiting Dizziness Fatigues Fever Impaited coordination Nausea Nystagmus

Warning and Precautions: Alcohol is unsafe with Gabapentin and may cause drowsiness.
During use of Gabapentin breastfeeding is probably safe. Human studies suggest that the Gabapentin doesn’t represent any significant risk to the baby.
Before taking Gabapentin during breastfeeding consult with your doctor.

The generic name of Neurontin is Gabapentin and the brand name is Neurontin. Gabapentin belongs to a class of drugs which is called Anticonvulsants.

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