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If you suffer from severe, chronic spinal problems, you've probably tried all the usual treatments: pain pills, shots, and surgery. You've likely found that these methods are only temporary solutions at best—and in many cases, they don't even work at all. At Advanced Spine & Disc, we understand how frustrating it is to have a problem that seems like it should have simple solutions but doesn't. More importantly, we know that you deserve better than just accepting your condition as "unsolvable." We specialize in giving patients an option outside of the traditional model that typically has such poor outcomes. With Spinal Decompression treatment, our spine specialists in Murray eliminate the need for surgery by fixing the underlying problem. Radiologists have confirmed with MRI that with spinal decompression you can permanently correct damage to the spine. This results not only in the avoidance of the risks and complications associated with invasive procedures, but more importantly, it gets you out of pain and back to your life!

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