1 DAY Hardwood Floor Refinishing in North Hempstead, NY

1 DAY Hardwood Floor Refinishing in North Hempstea
Hempstead, NY 11599
United States

Mon-Sun 08.00 AM - 8.00 PM
Thank You for trusting us with your hardwood floor refinishing needs since 1991. We are not the only, but certainly, the #1 Contractor in North Hempstead, NY to look after your hardwood floors. We specialize in hardwood floor refinishing (sandless or classic refinishing) and wood floor repair services.
Here is what we are great at:
— Hardwood floor refinishing
— Sandless floor refinishing
— Sanding hardwood floor
— Refinishing hardwood floor
— Hardwood floor repair
— Wood floor installation
— Wood floor add-ons & refinishing hardwood floor
— Floor sanding & polishing service
— Wood floor refinishing & recoating
— Wood stairs refinishing
— Deep hardwood floor cleaning
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