0DTE Strategy

0DTE Strategy

We are a service-based business that helps people learn how to do SPX, ES, SPY, and XSP 0-Dte trades. We teach people 5 days a week to help them be confident and informed about trading. We have a system that has helped many succeed. It’s time you joined the team.

Take control and master the markets to live your life
Are you struggling to make money trading?
Is your 9-5 job not satisfying?
Feel like someone else is running your life?
Purchase online trading courses that don’t work in the real world?
Need a plan of action to start your journey into becoming a full time trader?
Is finding trade opportunities difficult?
Are you struggling getting into trades before the market moves?
Did your last trade lose money?
Did you subscribe to a “trade alert” service and your losing money?
Need a trusted group to guide you in the right direction and available 5 days a week to trade with you?

4 years in medical school, and another 2-4 years in residency before being able to operate making the big bucks. That's 12 years (or more) of learning.

You can't buy a trading course and in 2 months start making money consistently. You can't pay someone $100 or more per month and simply make millions of dollars copying their trades. There is NO holy grail indicator to predict the market. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Any website offering these hopes and dreams is just that... playing on your emotions to get rich quick with minimal investement, both financial and time. It takes YEARS to become a consistently profitable trader. Learning the technical aspect is easy. Learning and mastering the mental side of trading is not.

We trade full time and are always available for questions and 1 on 1 phone conversations. We post trades we take and trade ideas each day in the discord chat.

We trade Options like we trade Futures. Secure the best location, get the best premium, set reasonable risk. We believe in teaching and passing along a trading style with low risk entries and high probabilities. If your looking to learn to read the markets and think on your own, than this group will be a good fit for you. If you are a new trader we will help you set up platforms, learn strategies, and be with you 5 days a week so you never have to trade alone.

Subscription fees
We charge a monthly fee for 2 reasons. Our time is very valuable. Although we love teaching and sharing and would do so for free, we are committing ourselves on a daily basis to post accurate pre trading S/R, range analysis, prep plans, daily recap videos, and making ourselves available for questions and advice, sometimes 24-7. If your in a slump or struggling we are willing to jump on the phone with you 1 on 1. Find another service that will jump on the phone with you and trade live!

We don't sell trading courses or pipe dreams of getting rich overnight. We teach and learn together on a daily basis. Our trading philosopy is simple. Buy Support, Sell resistance. Keep things simple. Limit risk and manage it properly.

While we post trades live everyday which you are free to copy, we feel that by teaching you to do it on your own is better for your long term success. As a full time trader for 12 years, I trade 5 days a week, I am always available for a question or phone call, both included with your monthly subscription.
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