OSRS Animal Magnetism Guide

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If you want to take a break from grinding and accumulating OSRS gold, the Animal Magnetism task is a great way to go. Before you begin, you need to make sure you complete The Restless Ghost, Ernest the Chicken, and Priest in Peril missions. In your skills, you should have 18 Slayer, 19 Crafting, 30 Ranged, and 35 Woodcutting.

As for the items needed, you need to take the Mithril ax, which will be used to get the blessed ax. You will also need five iron figures, 20 ecto badges, a Ghostspeak amulet, a hammer, hard leather, a sacred badge, and finally polished buttons.

Start your search for animal magnetism

Start the OSRS Animal Magnetism mission by going to the ground floor of Draynor Manor and talking to Aval. It can be found in the West Wing, and you have to find a bookshelf and search for the book to open the secret door to access it. You’ll find out that she’s actually the mansion’s assistant, and she’ll offer you something if you help fix her bed while the chickens are still alive.

Find the undead chicken

Now we have to head west to Ectofuntus where you will find the Undead Chicken Farm. For this, you need both your external symbols and the ghost-speaking Amulet. You need to talk to Alice here, and she can be reached by Ectophial, who will take you to Ectofuntu.

When you talk to Alice, go to the dead cows and talk to her husband, who is nearby. You need to continue the conversation between your husband and Alice until she says she wants to talk to her directly. There is a task that needs to be completed before doing this because we need to get an Amulet made by Old Crone.

You will find the crown of the Slayer Tower to the east, where there is a small house. Talk here a few times to get a man-made amulet. Next, go back to the pair and make sure you use the Ghostspeak amulet before giving him the fake amulet. When you play the next scene, undead chickens are offered 10 ectos of money each, so you should have enough to buy two.

get a magnet

You can now return to Aval and deliver the undead chicken. It will then ask you to find a magnet. Go to the northwest corner of the palace where you will meet a witch. Give him five iron bars, from which you will then get a checkerboard and how to make a magnet yourself. Grab your skill necklace and head to the Crafting Guild and head to the center of the mine east of Rimmington. Head north and use the hammer on the selected iron that will turn it into a magnetic rod.

Once you get the magnet, it’s time to head back to Aval, who will get a new order from you. You also get 50 experience points in crafting when you give Aval a magnet.

Undead branches of undead trees

Next, we need zombie branches found in one of the zombie trees found around the palace. With that in mind, go out and try to fall down one of the trees attacking you, leading to a failed attempt, so come back and tell Aval about it. You are asked to go talk to Turael, who knows how to defeat the zombie trees.

With the help of the battle bracelet, go to the Warriors Guild and talk to Turael, who you will find in the Southeast. Here you must exchange your Mithril ax and holy sign to get a blessed ax. Go back to the farm with your new blessed ax and fall down one of the undead trees to get rid of the undead branches, which can take a few attempts.

Go back to Ava and give her the things she asked for. Your last task in helping him create your invention is to translate some research notes.

Translate search notes

Your last request is now to translate the notes. You have to click the buttons at the bottom to change its color. The order goes: red, green, red, red, green, red, red, red, green.

Now that you’ve translated the notes, talk to Ava, who asks you for a piece of hard leather and polished buttons to finish the job. You get a pattern that you can mix with hard leather and polished buttons in a bowl. Enter the Ava container to complete the OSRS Animal Magnetism task.


Completing the OSRS Animal Magnetism mission earns you a mission point as well as 1,000 XP in Crafting, Fletching, and Slayer games, as well as 2,500 woodcutting experiences. You now also have a Blessed Ax and an Ava device. This can be used to automatically capture long-range ammunition that goes to a storage location.

Here you have conducted a search for animal magnetism. You are ready to continue searching, return to hone your skills, or even use OSRS Gold Buying or OSRS Gold Selling methods to make yourself richer than ever. Whatever you decide to do, the Old School Runescape has a wealth of content.

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