best pest control london

best pest control london

We are registered, we are insured and we are passionate.
SLM STAR came to life a few years back and has been growing ever since. From a small team of pest removal experts, we are now one of the most recognized pest removal firms in the UK. What distinguishes us from our competitors is our vast experience in the industry and a rigid determination to create pest-free buildings for our clients.
It is not only our own good name that is at stake; businesses and people also have to be protected. Hence – through reliable and sound technical pest eradications solutions – we dedicate our fullest efforts, care and attention to ensure that each project we perform, is executed to their enduring satisfaction.
We take responsibility for our actions. Our pest extermination team deals with vast pest infestation cases on a daily basis throughout the UK and what made these a success is the value we put in our work and our clients. In addition, we strive our best to make sure our pest control operations don’t affect the daily routine of our clients.
Our team members are young and energetic and they are always brimming with ideas to bring innovation and excellence in what we do. These are ideas based on research and years of experience. Our branches are spread all over the UK, which means whether you want a survey or pest control, we have got it all covered.
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