Al Mustafa Welfare Trust

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust
110 High St
London, LND TW3 1NA
United Kingdom

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust has been serving the world’s most vulnerable and impoverished communities for the last 36 years. Our journey began in 1983, driven by a sense of justice and desire to help those in need. Inspired by our Islamic faith, at Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, we believe all people, regardless of age, race, gender or location deserve to lead a good life marked by dignity, good health and with all their basic needs met. Everybody deserves the chance to flourish. Over the last 36 years, we have helped transform the lives of millions of poor and needy people by providing medical care, education, food, emergency relief, orphan care and water wells. We work closely with communities to establish long-term community development projects and sustainable initiatives that provide positive change for generations to come.
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